Seva Simran Singh Khalsa, LAc., is an Integrative Healer and Wellness Consultant who combines acupuncture, massage herbology, nutrition, yoga and meditation into a wholly integrated approach to living a healthy, happy, and harmonious life. He is an exceptional teacher and healer, guided by a wish to see all people with peace and joy in their hearts. His true gifts are a connection to a boundless source of compassion and clarity of intuition. These make him a brilliant inspiration for the implementation of the change we seek in our lives.

Seva Simran’s introduction to the practice of ‘wellness’ began with Kundalini Yoga, through which his experiences were profound and life-changing.  He immersed himself in these ancient teachings, studying closely with many renowned teachers and enjoying the benefits of a strong yogic and meditative discipline. Attuned to the pressures of the times, he is able to translate these timeless teachings into a form usable by all people. He has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in California since 2004.

The life of yoga and meditation offered access to numerous healing modalities, which Seva Simran eagerly sought out in his quest for integrated wellness and expansion of consciousness. His experience of health, vitality and happiness were a direct embodiment of the combined effects of yoga, bodywork, acupuncture and conscious nutrition. His conviction in these results inspired him to expand the scope of his own practice that he might better serve the varied and specific needs of those who would come to him for healing. With this in mind he has completed training in several styles of advanced bodywork and holds a Master’s degree in Acupuncture & Herbology. Throughout this journey he has been blessed with incredible master teachers who have made possible the growth, evolution and refinement he has experienced within himself and for his practice.

By incorporating techniques from many disciplines Seva Simran is able to help people heal chronic pain, break unwanted habits and addictions, and move past deep rooted blocks. His approach is to guide individuals towards new realms of health, clarity and freedom so that peace, love and gratitude can flow in natural abundance.