Kundalini New Year’s Prayer

December 19, 2016 0 Comments

Kundalini New Year's PrayerCome on out and start your New Year with a powerful yoga and meditation workshop to release, renew and refresh for 2017!

In this workshop, we will focus on clearing out the known and unknown mental stress and emotional build up from the past year in order to usher in greater clarity and inspiration for the new year. Join me and become freer, clearer and more connected to your purpose.

At the turn of the year we have a powerful opportunity to leverage the shifting energy and align ourselves with an expanded projection of our highest purpose. During this workshop, we will unlock ourselves from old patterns and firmly establish our link to the rhythm of the infinite pulse in order that opportunity, prosperity and blessings shall abound.

This course will include kundalini yoga, meditation, breathwork, chanting and a deep gong relaxation.

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