Integrative Healing Kundalini Yoga Classes and Workshops


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Whatever your need; physical, emotional, spiritual, healing, wellness or preventative….. We’ve got you covered! At Got Kundalini we don't just take you where you want to go, but where you are meant to go in this journey of life.

Integrative Healing
Acupuncture & Herbs
Emotional Balancing
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Wellness Consulting

  • Lifestyle Enrichment

    Bring yourself  to a renewed and rejuvenated you! The lif...

  • Kundalini-Yoga

    Public/Private/Group/Corporate Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga...

  • Bodywork

    Specialty therapeutic massage combining myofascial releas...

  • Integrative Healing

    Schedule by phone: 415.375.0813 or email: gotkundalini@gm...